The global wallet for freelancers

Receive your income from anywhere in the world and access your funds in local currency

Takenos Web App
Takenos Web App
Takenos Web App

The global wallet for freelancers in Latin America

Receive your income from anywhere in the world and access your funds in local currency.

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Takenos Web App
Takenos Web App
Takenos Web App
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The highest security

We guarantee the protection of funds and transactions made on the platform. We ensure that financial transactions are secure and comply with international and local financial regulations. We also have 2FA for you to make transactions with maximum security.

ISO, European Licenses

Powered by Fireblocks

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Create your accounts in the United States and Europe In your name

Receive money from your clients, employers, or the most used platforms such as UpWork, YouTube, Twitch, etc. in an agile and hassle-free way.

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Withdraw your funds simply and quickly throughout LATAM

Withdraw your money immediately across the region, local currency or stablecoin.

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Stop worrying about Get paid for your work

Focus on your work; we'll take care of the collection. You only need to send your account details or a link and you can make payments in a simple and efficient way.

Reduce the commissions of intermediary platforms

You no longer need other platforms to charge for your services. Our app is all in one, where you can charge from anywhere in the world and access local currency throughout LATAM.

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Takenos Web App

With all the necessary functionalities

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Secure and fast transfers

We use the latest security technologies to protect your money.

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Instant withdrawals

We want to break the paradigm that international transfers take time. Withdraw to your bank or digital wallet in seconds.

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Personalized support

One of our greatest values is to have the customer at the center. That's why we offer agile and WhatsApp support.

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Ease of use

Our platform is very intuitive and easy to use, which means you don't need to be a financial expert to manage your payments.

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How much does it cost to use Takenos?

ACH transfers

>$500 USD


Over $500

By Retiro


ACH transfers

<$500 USD


Less than $500

By Retiro


By deposit

$5 USD

Wire Transfers


Any Amount

By Retiro


By deposit

$25 USD

What Our Customers Are Saying

“This is the first time in my entire career in technology that I have been able to enter my salary in peace. I spent years charging in different places losing a large percentage in commissions and taking days to receive my money.”

Renato Piermarini

Renato Piermarini

Front End Developer, Freelancer

“Very fast and easy to implement when I have to be paid from the USA. Now I can access my income in Argentina and Switzerland very easily.”

Simon Bosch

Simon Bosch

Business Developer, WillDom

“At first I had a lot of doubts, but I contacted support and they guided me throughout the process. They answered all my questions, with a lot of patience, especially for a client like me who doesn't handle technology well.”

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Start charging globally in 3 steps

1st Create an account on Takenos

Fill in your details and validate your account to start with your first deposit.

2nd Select the payment or deposit method

You can receive SEPA, ACH, WIRE, SWIFT transfers, or create a payment link.

3rd Send your first transaction

You can deposit easily and quickly. I leave you our intuitive tutorials hither.


You will now have your money available at Takenos to withdraw it in any way you like.



How can I sign up for Takenos?

Create an account at, get verified and get your international digital wallet in dollars. Ready! You will now be able to transact.


Where is the Takenos service available?

Takenos is available worldwide!


In what currencies can I receive payments with Takenos?

With Takenos you can receive USD, EUROS and REALES. If you need to charge in another currency, you can talk about it in Support and find a way.


Can I charge my company for my work?

Yes, in your international digital wallet you can charge for transfers, a payment or recurring if you regularly work for the company as a contractor.

Can I withdraw the balance I have on other platforms?

Yes, you can transact by sending your balance from Payoneer, Wise, PayPal, Deel, Dukascopy, Facebank to your Takenos account. If you have a balance on another platform you can check it with support or at This article.

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